BLOCK53 | Lincoln East
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The exterior façade at Lincoln East eschews the typical utilitarianism of garage design. Continuing in Miami Beach’s recent tradition of architecturally significant parking structures, the Enrique Norten-designed Lincoln East catches the eye, providing a distinctive statement that stands out while remaining sensitive to its urban context. With a significant ground floor retail presence, the garage participates in the vibrant milieu of Lincoln Road’s pedestrian shopping environment, extending the shopping district south to 16th Street.


As fee developer for the project, Block53 oversaw all aspects of design, construction, and project financing. We worked with ownership to establish a comprehensive vision for the site and neighboring parcels, navigating zoning and code requirements to secure development capacity that can be capitalized on in the future. As a result, the building has been structurally engineered to carry loads for an additional five floors of development—structure that would have been prohibitively expensive to install through subsequent construction.


Block53’s involvement in design management resulted in a vital collaboration with the architect to shape the garage’s distinctive exterior. The wall’s punctuations not only give the skin its dramatic appeal, alternating between shadows in the day and glowing reveals at night, but is also calibrated to allow ventilation and to control glare from car headlights. To accommodate these functional requirements, precast concrete emerged as the logical building material. Not only was precast was easy to install—the entire facade was erected in two-and-a-half weeks—but it is almost maintenance-free in operation.

Project Information







Completed 2012

Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

The corner of Drexel Avenue and 16th Street

496 Space Parking Garage

17,000 SF Retail

Project Team


Architect of Record

Civil Engineer

MEP Engineer

Structural Engineer

Geotechnical Engineer

Facade Consultant

Code Consultant

Parking Consultant

Traffic Consultant

Signage Consultant

General Contractor

TEN Arquitectos

Peter Thomas, Metropolitan Architects

Terra Civil Engineering

Edwards & Zuck

McNamara Salvia

Langan Engineering & Environmental Services

Gordon H Smith, Corp.

Thomas & Calzadilla

Tim Haahs and Associates

Kimley-Horn and Associates

Tom Graboski Associates

Arellano Construction Company


In Mr. Norten's garage, Park@420, light enters the perforations throughout the day, sometimes spraying the floor with bright spots, other times filtering in obliquely to give the space a chapel-like feel. The exterior also offers vivid displays, with palm trees casting shadows on the white façade during the day and interior lights producing a glowing effect at night.

Miami: A Cultural History

September 1, 2014

Lincoln Road in Miami Beach is a must for tourist and local alike. There you will notice that Enrique Norten's avant-garde garage at Drexel and 16th Street stands out, looking nothing like a parking garage.

Design Process

Construction Aerials

Construction Photographs


Miami Beach, FL


Completed 2012




Fee Development

Development Management

Design Management

Construction Management