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Ai Weiwei: Spatial Matters—Art Architecture and Activism

Editors: Ai Weiwei, Anthony Pins

MIT Press, Tate Publishing, 2014

Outspoken, provocative, and prolific, the artist Ai Weiwei is an international phenomenon. In recent years, he has produced an astonishingly varied body of work while continuing his role as activist, provocateur, and conscience of a nation.This monumental volume, developed in association with the artist, draws on the full breadth of Ai Weiwei’s architectural, installation, and activist work, with a focus on his use of space.

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Washington: Portrait of a City

Author: George Kousoulas

Introduction by Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Norfleet Press, 2001

Washington, D.C. is one of America’s most gracious and historic cities. This book is an eloquent portrait of Washington. Through striking black-and-white photography, George Kousoulas has captured the spirit of this great city. Whether conveying the grandeur of a public building or the poetry of a telling detail, his work illuminates the city’s rich, diverse fabric.

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Contemporary Architecture in Washington, D.C.

Authors: Claudia Kousoulas, George Kousoulas

John Wiley and Sons, 1995

Washington, D.C. lives in our minds as museums and monuments, capitals and columns, but beyond the timeless monuments of white stone history thrives a city that has moved into the modern and postmodern age. This guide goes beyond the grand avenues to explore remarkable works of contemporary architecture that reinterpret historical styles and reconcile with Washington’s monumental plan.

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“Under Tropical Light”

Authors: Claudia Kousoulas, George Kousoulas

Terrain, 2013

Parking garages are among the most unloved and unobserved structures in architecture. They keep our environments functioning and our lives moving, but we don’t expect them to deliver joy or enlightenment. In Miami Beach, architects have used light to highlight space, surface, and movement in these utilitarian spaces, creating the very best kind of architecture.

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Miami Beach Takes Infrastructure Beyond Gray

Author: Claudia Kousoulas

Better Cities and Towns, 2013

When cities invest in infrastructure, it’s often the gray stuff like roads and bridges. Or it’s hidden away like water and sewer pipes. Not to say that infrastructure isn’t interesting and vital to a city’s success, but it’s hard to get excited about.

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